Now that more daylight and milder temperatures signal warmer weather, homeowners get outside and begin to assess just how much spring maintenance work might be ahead.

Sometimes this leads to new possibilities for decks, patios, walkways and driveways. Outdoor surfaces require seasonal maintenance and over time, weather takes its toll. This year might be the time to increase your personal enjoyment of the beautiful Northwest seasons ahead by improving your outdoor space.

As you walk around your property this month, here are some thoughts to spark your thinking:

On the average, a deck has a life of 10-15 years. Evaluate whether the deck frame is sound. Is there any dry rot to repair? If your deck boards and handrails are looking their age, replacing and/or resurfacing could be in order. New handrails can change the whole look of a deck.

If starting over is the decision, a tear down makes room for designing something new, maybe larger, with room for a covered area or outdoor kitchen?  Our decks are built to last. All underpinning is built with pressure treated lumber and surfaces from renewable resources. We recommend several grades of cedar and hardwood decking materials

Driveways, Walkways and Patios
The life of your driveway or patio depends on its surface, how much it gets used, how it was installed and whether it has been maintained paperwritings.  A driveway or patio may last an average of 12-50 years if treated well. Is the surface giving way to tree roots? Are bricks cracked or missing?

High quality materials provide durable and long-lasting patios, driveways and walkways. Proper installation is a key factor on our checklist.  For example, we use over four inches of concrete in our patio installations to extend the life of your investment.

If you are looking for options, good quality concrete and brick or cobblestone pavers offer a wide variety of elegant design options and improve both the exterior appearance and value of your home.

How much more would you enjoy your deck or patio if it were exactly what you envision? We are here to help you make that dream a reality.