In the Seattle area, summer and fall seasons are prime time for installation of hardscaping projects for your yard. If you have a project in mind, like a patio or walkway, patio cover, fireplace or firepit, don’t wait until the last minute to call a qualified contractor.

If you need your project done “right now,” you will likely have to settle for substandard quality and craftsmanship. No one wants to waste money this way!

A qualified and reputable contractor can be booked out several months. Allow enough time in your planning for a contractor to give you an accurate bid so there are no surprises during the installation or over budget costs upon completion. You will also want to allow enough time for secondary requirements, such as architectural drawings, permits and special order materials.

You may ask the contractor to visit your residence to assess the property and gain a greater understanding of your ideas. When scheduled properly, the work of designers, builders and installers insures quality while transforming your home into a private resort.