What is Hardscaping?
It may not be a term you’ve heard, but you see it all the time. Hardscaping is the “hard” part of landscaping — like concrete or stone entrances, your deck or patio, outdoor firepits and fireplaces.

For example, constructing a patio or deck is a hardscaping project, as is a brick walkway, a stone wall, or a wooden fence. Anything that is a non-living part of your landscaping is technically part of your hardscaping.

There are seven important elements of hardscaping that affect the value of your residential property. These are walkways, arbors and trellises, outdoor kitchen areas, patios and decks, outdoor fireplaces, barbeques and firepits.

From beautifully designed fireplaces to patios, high quality hardscape designs can result in more than a 100% return on your investment. Ask an appraiser. 95% of home appraisers believe that hardscaping adds to the value of a residence and enhances the sales appeal of the property.

The quality of the materials and installation is key. Be very selective when choosing a contractor for your hardscaping project, because the return on your investment is directly tied to the quality of the materials and installation.