A deck is an extension of a home’s outdoor living space and can provide many hours of enjoyment for you, your friends and family.

If you’re thinking about adding a wood deck to your residence, you are likely experiencing one of these options:   “need to have” or  “nice to have”.

“Need to have” decking is for people who live in the foothills or a mountainous area with slope. The residence is likely built into the slope and the deck serves to extend living space. Without the extra space, you stay inside or deal with the slope of the terrain; neither are great options. If you decide to add or replace a deck, carefully consider whether you should add additional square footage to your residence.  This extension of your living space provides room for entertaining, dining and enjoyment.

“Nice to have” decking applications are typically found in homes built on flat ground. In this case, adding a deck allows you to change elevations, create a room outdoors or do something different with your space. Many decks are built around spas, outdoor kitchens or firepits.

Remodeling Magazine reports that more than 73% of the cost of building a wood deck could be recouped during sale. Buyers tend to place higher value on homes with multiple options for entertaining or relaxing.