Covered areas over your BBQ, outdoor kitchen or patio make the weather a non-issue and extend your outdoor living space year-round. If you’re thinking about adding a covered area to your outdoor living space, you will find many styles and sizes available.

We are often asked about using glass versus polycarbonate for outdoor covered areas. People want the visual clarity of glass; however, it has some issues when compared with polycarbonate.

In overhead applications, safety glass is required, similar to windshield glass. It is heavy material and requires a sturdy frame. Glass cracks easily and seals can fail over the years, leading to fog and leakage.

Polycarbonate is resilient and almost indestructible.  Due to its impact resistance and temperature resistance, it has similar value to insulated glass. This material diffuses the light and its flexibility insures a watertight seal.

A roof needs to be durable and watertight. You want to enjoy your new covered area for a long time without worry. We are happy to answer your questions about roof structure, so please contact us at any time.